Hospitality Interfaces

InfoDEN has been developing interfaces for the hotel industry since 1998. Our interfaces provide Property Management Software (PMS) developers with connectivity to many third party devices. InfoDEN interfaces are compatible with the following PMS systems:

RMS   —   Rezbook   —   Ezyrez   —   Hotel Concepts   —   Fiesta / Millennium   —   Hirum

Our existing interfaces can be configured to operate with other PMS systems as required.  For more information about connecting InfoDEN interfaces to your PMS system please contact our Sales Manager.

PABX Call Logging and Costing

InfoDEN currently has call logging and costing interfaces for various models of the following  PABX brands.
Interfaces to new models are developed as required.  Due to the flexibility of the of our PABX Call Logger, new interfaces are normally available within 1 hour of receiving the required PABX call record information.

Logger captures and processes the call records before passing them to the selected PMS system for billing. The InfoDEN PABX Call Logger currently interfaces with the following PABX systems: 

     Alcatel   —   Aristel   —   Asterisk   —   Bitronic   —   Commander   —   Ericsson   —   Fujitsu   —   Hybrex   —   LG Aria   —   NEC   —   Nitsuku   —   Nortel   —   Omni   —   Panasonic   —   Philips   —   Samsung   —   Seimens   —   Telstra

PABX Controllers

InfoDEN also provides interfaces allowing PMS systems to control access to the PABX.  Our range of PABX Controllers can activate/de-activate extension, set wake up calls, activate/deactivate voicmail, etc.  The features available for each interface depend on the available functions in the PABX and PMS systems.

The InfoDEN PABX Controllers currently support various models of the following PABX systems:

   Alcatel   —   Aristel   —   Ericsson   —   LG   —   NEC   —   Samsung  

Internet Gateways

   Nomadix   —   Mikrotik   —   Video on Demand   —   Ezystream — Reivernet   —   Netcomm   —   Zyxel

Electronic Door Lock Systems

   Saflok   —   Vingcard   —   Onity   —   KABA   —   CISA — MIWA

In-House Movie Systems

   Movielink   —   Video on Demand   —   Ezystream — LifeStyle Panel — Palvision

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

   PixelPoint   —   Micros   —   Uniwell — Fedelta POS 

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