RMS Interfaces

RMS Interfaces

Tuesday 27 July 2021
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InfoDEN has had a close working relationship with RMS for many years.
Over this period we have developed over 100 individual interfaces for RMS to a range of 3rd party devices.

We offer RMS interfaces to the following device types:

InfoDEN offer both RMS PABX Call Billing and PABX Controller interfaces for a range of PABX systems.

Guest Internet Gateways (HSIA)
InfoDEN offer a range of RMS Guest Internet interfaces for billing, access control or both.

Door Lock Systems
InfoDEN offer a range of RMS interfaces to various Door Lock systems.
We are proud to be chosen as the provider for the new RMS integrated Door Lock interfaces.

In-House Movie Systems
InfoDEN offer a range of RMS interfaces to various In-house Movie systems.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems
Without a doubt, the best option for POS integration with RMS is to use their RMSPOS system.
However, if you are not using RMSPOS, InfoDEN offer RMS interfaces to various 3rd party POS systems.

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