RMS Guest Internet Interfaces

RMS Guest Internet Interfaces

InfoDEN has both transaction posting and access control RMS interfaces for various Guest Internet systems.

Guest Internet Charge Posting

InfoDEN’s range of RMS Guest Internet interfaces allow the Guest Internet Gateways to post internet usage charges to the guest RMS accounts.

Guest Internet Access Control

The access control interfaces allow RMS to Activate/Deactivate guest internet access when guests Check-in/out. They send the guest details to the internet gateway, to set the guest’s logon credentials and rate plan.
Even if the you are providing free internet to your guests, you may still require an interface to control access to the guest internet network.
InfoDEN has RMS Guest Internet Interfaces for the following systems:

  • 4ipnet
  • Cisco BBSM
  • Gigafy
  • GuestTrack
  • IP3 NetAccess
  • Lifestyle Panel
  • Liveport
  • Mikrotik
  • Movielink
  • NAG
  • NAR
  • Netcomm IAC
  • Nomadix
  • Reivernet
  • RGnets
  • Streamvision
  • VOD
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