PABX Call Logger

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Logger is a real-time PABX call logging, costing and exporting application utilising InfoDEN’s powerful Telephone Call Costing Engine . Put simply, Logger captures call detail records from a PABX, it costs each call then sends the processed call details to a file in the required format.  Logger is used by third party billing software products that require telephone call records to fulfill their telephone call accounting functions, such as hotel billing software packages.

PABX Call Logger’s billing software interfaces.

Logger currently interfaces with the following third party billing software products:
1. RMS
2. Rezbook
3. Millennium 3
4. Hirum
5. Equitrac
6. EzyRez
7. Biller Express

New interfaces to other billing software products will automatically be made available via the LoggerUpdate internet download feature. Logger allows for up to 5 billing software interfaces to operate simultaneously.

PABX Call Logger Features

Although, speed of costing is not generally considered an issue in selecting a PABX call accounting product due to the limited data transmission speeds available from the PABX. The speed of costing does become critical if you need to recost your calls for any reason. This is where Logger excels. Logger can re-process 1000 calls in under 10 seconds.
The total size of Logger installation files is 1.7MB. Unlike the installation files of competitive products, which can exceed 13MB, Logger can feasibly be distributed via the Internet.  This is most beneficial in times of PC failure, where a replacement copy of Logger can be downloaded, re-installed, configured and operational within 10 minutes even with a low bandwidth internet connection.
PABX Call Logger -  PABX Selection ScreenPABX INTERFACE
The Logger PABX allows the user to select from pre-defined PABX datastream formats. Configuring your PABX datastream is as simple as selecting your PABX make and model from the available list.
If your PABX is not in the list, Logger has a data capture option allowing you capture the raw data. This data can then be sent to our support staff to allow for the creation of a datastream definition for your particular model of PABX.

Interfaces to new PABX systems will be automatically updated via the LoggerUpdate feature.

Also, if you change PABX you can simply select the new model from the list and Logger will automatically recognise the PABX datastream.

PABX Call  Logger - Logger Update Menu OptionAUTOMATED COSTING UPDATES
The telephone carrier rates and national phone numbering plan are critical to ensure that call costs are calculated correctly.  To simplify the updating process, Logger is equipped with the LoggerUpdate feature that retrieves updated files via the Internet and automatically installs the information.  Files requiring updating can range in size from 4KB to 150KB making updates reasonable fast even with low bandwidth internet connections.
Pabx Call  Logger - Trunk Selection ScreenCARRIERS
Logger can process calls using up to 256 different PSTN and/or ISDN carrier rate tables at any one time.
Logger allows you to simply allocate a default carrier to all trunks or specify a different carrier to each trunk line that does not use the default carrier.

Logger can also be set to ignore or use carrier pre-selection override codes for call costing. If rate tables do not exist for a specified pre-selection override code then Logger will use the selected carrier for the specific trunk line.

Many cases arise where the metre pulse count required by specific billing software products is not provided in the PABX. In such cases Logger will convert the calculated cost of each call into a number of metre pulses and pass the metre pulse calculation to the billing software product.
PABX Call  Logger - Call Cost CalculatorMANUAL CALL COST CALCULATION
Logger also includes our Call Cost Estimator to allow you to manually calculate to the cost of a phone call.
To manually determine the cost of a call, simply enter the destination phone number, date, time and duration of the call. The Call Cost Estimator will calculate the cost of the call, including metre pulse conversion.

The Call Cost Estimator also comes in handy when you need to find out the location of a specific telephone number.


For more information about the PABX Call Logger please contact our Sales Manager.