The value of a corporation’s data is determined by the information extracted from it. Well managed data is more likely to produce the quality of information required by an informed decision process. A Database Management System (DBMS) is the software used to implement a database and to manage its content. However, even the best DBMS is limited by the structure and design of the database. If you are not satisfied with the functionality or performance of your existing system you should take steps to ensure that your investment in information technology will bring the expected outcome. InfoDEN’s personnel have extensive experience in designing relational databases and customising DBMS systems, we also specialize in development of Internet based client-server applications.

Infoden is able to provide the following software development and database design services :


  • Client-server application development
  • Database design, restructuring and converting
  • Content management application development
  • Data protection and customised encryption
  • General software development
  • General hardware and software consulting    


Our software development and database design services can incorporate the following technologies and systems:

Development Languages

  • Delphi
  • Kylix
  • C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic 

Database Platforms

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Interbase
  • Custom DBMS 


  • AI algorithms
  • Statistical analyzis
  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • Image processing
  • Models and simulators  



  • Routing
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Server setup
  • Remote administration
  • Operating systems
  • Windows (98/Me/NT/2000/XP)
  • Java (JVM)  



  • .NET
  • WinAPI
  • COM, ActiveX, OLE Automation
  • CGI, ASP, JavaScript
  • XML

Please contact our sales manager for more information regarding InfoDEN’s software development and consulting services.